Discover the 20 minute HIIT-style workout that'll revolutionise your fitness regime

Promotional feature with STRONG by Zumba®

Promotional feature with STRONG by Zumba®

Get ready to sync those moves to the beat…

Calling all fitness fans – this new high intensity HIIT-style workout is about to revolutionise your regime. Normally a 1hr class, STRONG by Zumba® has launched a 20 minute version, to get you hooked.

If dance fitness isn't your thing and you prefer something tougher, you'll definitely want to give this a try. Designed to push your exercise threshold to the absolute maximum, STRONG by Zumba® is the ultimate badass workout for those who love getting sweaty to their favourite tunes.

With beats synced to match every class move — think burpees, squats and lunges to the likes of Timbaland, Steve Aoki and Krewella – there’s no excuse not to feel pumped and spurred on by the music. Why? Each high-impact move has it’s own unique sound for you to style out once the beat drops, meaning that after just a few goes you won’t need to follow visual cues from the instructor.

‘High intensity training can be a totally compelling experience when you’re not counting reps,’ says Ai Lee Syarief, Global Lead Master Trainer and co-creator of the STRONG by Zumba® workout. ‘We create a workout with some kickass moves, we give it to awesome producers, and they watch the routine and make music to it. So people are doing the moves thinking “I want to work out to the beat”, rather than struggling through the countdown.’

What makes STRONG by Zumba® so effective? This high intensity 20 minute routine features plyometric moves like high knees and jumping jacks – interchanged with isometric exercises like lunges, squats and kickboxing to increase strength, muscle tone and definition.

‘This workout skips the reps while you sweat – the music guides you through,’ Ai Lee continues. ‘And we know that music is one of the best motivators when it comes to committing to workouts.’

‘STRONG by Zumba is unlike your typical bootcamp class,’ says Ai Lee. ‘Let’s face it – who wants to hear how many burpees they still have left to do?’

What are you waiting for, ladies? Hit up a STRONG by Zumba® class and get ready to push yourself to the limit. Once you've tried it, you won't look back. Find a class near you at

And, if you’re a fitness enthusiast in the market for an even bigger challenge, why not consider becoming a STRONG by Zumba® instructor? Email to find out more and receive a Marie Claire reader's discount on your training fee.