You’ll never guess what the KitKat wafer is actually made from

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  • Have a break. Have a KitKat

    Have you ever wondered what the KitKat wafer is actually made from?

    Obviously we all know that the centre of a KitKat bar is made up of some form of wafer, but there’s no denying that the biscuity goodness found in the middle of a KitKat is just better than that found in other biscuit-based chocolate bars. But have you ever questioned why this is?

    To be honest, we’ve never really given it much thought either. At least we hadn’t, until Master Chef presenter Gregg Wallace decided to go behind the scenes of Nestle to find out exactly how one of Britain’s most classic chocolate bars is made. And it will (probably) blow your mind.

    It turns out that the centre of a KitKat is actually made from OTHER KitKat bars. So no wonder it takes so freaking good.

    Yes, in the documentary for BBC Two, Gregg Wallace unearthed what could be one of the world’s best kept secrets, after discovering that damaged KitKat bars are then broken up to form the filling of superior KitKat bars that managed to survive the production process.

    The broken bars ‘go into re-work, where they’re used for the fillings for the wafer,’ a factory worker confirmed to Gregg.

    Of course, given that the KitKat bar is changing in the coming months, we can’t guarantee this will always be the case. And we aren’t even going to try and work out what the first ever KitKat bar was made from.

    Mind still not fully blown? Just wait until you discover this secret about Cadbury’s Flake bars.

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