Millions of Brits have admitted they don’t actually like their friends

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  • Well this is rather awkward

    Despite the fact that our friends bring us more health and happiness than our own family do (sorry mum) it turns out that millions of Brits have admitted to not actually liking their own friends (urm, awkward).

    Yep, a study of 2,000 UK adults by TV channel Lifetime found that the average Brit has 16 friends and acquaintances and of those there are three they don’t like and struggle to get on with.

    A differencing of opinions, lifestyles and sense of humour also meant that 45 percent of those who took part in the study considered some of the people in their social circles to be ‘frenemies’ as they don’t really enjoy socialising with them for the reasons listed above.

    More than four in ten participants admitted to having at least one ‘friend’ they see regularly that they can’t stand, whilst one in four revealed they don’t like their partner’s friends and confessed this had led to rows with their other half.

    Lifetime’s channel director Koulla Anastasi has said of the results: ‘It is quite surprising to see so many people struggle to get along with others in their own friendship group.

    You can end up socialising with people you wouldn’t usually choose as a friend, perhaps through work, friends-of-friends or through your partner.

    And as these survey results show, it means you regularly have to meet up with people you may not consider to be real friends.’

    The survey found that work colleagues are mostly likely to be the people we find it difficult to get along with,  with a friend of a friend coming in second the list and our partner’s friends falling not far behind.

    When asked, one in four participants admitted to openly telling someone in their friendship group they didn’t really like them and almost half have had arguments because they struggle to get along, with another 50 percent even going as far as trying to ghost a friend out.

    Here are the top 20 reasons for not getting on with someone

    1. Having nothing in common

    2. Being too bossy or controlling

    3. A differencing of opinions

    4. How they behave when they’ve been drinking

    5. Being too high maintenance

    6. Leading different lifestyles

    7. Use of language

    8. They’ve been let down

    9. Sense of humour

    10. How they treat their partner

    11. They’ve changed

    12. Political affiliations

    13. How they treat their children

    14. Not liking the people they hang out with

    15. Being blanked by them

    16. They always borrow money

    17. Personal hygiene

    18. Their dress sense

    19. They flirt with your partner

    20. They don’t get on with your partner

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