This is how much alcohol men and women think you should be drinking on a first date

Do you agree?

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Do you agree?

Drinking alcohol on a first date is a given for some - because, let's admit it, the dating game can be pretty damn awkward.

That's why most of us turn to first date tips and even go to a date readily armed with talking points in case there's a sudden lull in conversation.

And, yes, having a glass of wine (or two) can take the edge off those initial butterflies.

But, just how many glasses should you have?

Dating site The Inner Circle polled some of their users about dating habits and found out that women think 2-3 drinks is the best on a date compared to men who tend to go for 4-6.

And, interestingly champagne came up as the best drink to display in your dating profile photo but 1 in 10 men think you shouldn't order it on a date (compared to 1 in 25 women.) Both genders agreed that you shouldn't order shots on a first date while cocktails came out universally acceptable.

While 14% of women said they didn't think alcohol should feature in a profile picture, compared with just 4 per cent of men.

Oh, and when they were asked about their biggest date turn-offs, men said being rude to waiting staff was the worst thing you could do on a date while women said it's being on your phone.

Delphine Chui