This is why your drink choice could actually be ruining your dates

date drinks
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Whether you've got a date secured from Tinder, another online dating site, or IRL through a friend or a weekend pub encounter, we can all agree that we need as much help as possible.

Dating is awkward. Fact. Yes, it can be fun, and yes, it can give you those same butterflies that watching Pacey on a re-run of Dawson's Creek does to you but there are so many first date dos and don'ts.

According to food and drink app, Ordoo, it turns out that what you drink might affect the outcome of your first date. Their survey shows that 47% of people have had a first date ruined by a lengthy wait or queue at the bar for a cocktail.

And, experts say that such interruptions to the ‘getting to know you’ part of the date can actually stop you getting over that awkward phase of the date and can lead you to just feeling awks the whole time (sheesh.) In fact, waiting too long for a drink can negatively impact that crucial first 30 minutes of meeting someone.

Dating coach Mary Balfour has said that time spent proactively engaging with your date is a must so try to order something simple that'll be served up quickly, yeah?

Delphine Chui