NYC Madness

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  • Forget the fashion shows, guess what gets the girls really excited in NYC?

    This afternoon, I witnessed true New York hysteria.

    It wasn’t for Obama, who’s in town (and the reason my taxi ride from JFK took nearly two hours according to the driver), nor this evening’s Marc Jacobs show, but for the girls (sorry, women) of Sex and the City.

    Despite the fact we’ve been posting on-set pics for the past two weeks to the site (see them all here!), it had somehow failed to compute in my mind that I’d actually be in the same city where they were shooting.

    Until, that is, I attempted to walk around Soho this afternoon. Actually, stagger is probably a better word – I figured if I was walking I wouldn’t fall asleep, and I couldn’t fall asleep otherwise my body clock would be totally shot to pieces, so I walked. And, then I gawped at the hundreds of women running around screaming with their camera phones in the air.

    Sex and the City filming in New York City

    Eventually I asked someone who or what everyone was looking at (failing to notice the huge spotlights and film-crew trucks in the background). ‘Sarah Jessica Parker,’ came the rushed answer, as aforementioned bystander rushed off, narrowly dodging a couple of beeping yellow cabs, with her mobile phone held aloft, after the crowds.

    Unfortunately, I can’t report any more than that, as whichever cast member it was unfortunate enough to step out of their trailer at that given moment was instantly swallowed up in the crowd.

    How they’re actually going to film the thing I have no idea. It was taking a whole platoon of policemen just to keep the traffic moving, let alone clear enough space for a scene to take place. Maybe they shoot during the night? (And maybe once my jetlag kicks in, and I’m walking about at 3am, they’ll let me be an extra.)

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