Find your colour this summer with UNIQLO - this free in-store event is going to elevate your summer wardrobe

Run, don't walk to UNIQLO's free colour analysis consultation.

UNIQLO summer Linen Collection
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Despite working in fashion for a decade and having a literal degree in fashion journalism, whenever someone asks me what "my colour is," I meet them with a vacant stare. See, at the ripe old age of 33, I still don't know if blue makes my eyes pop or if white washes me out. For years, this meant I stuck to a safe palette of mostly black, but as a lover of colour, whittling my wardrobe options down never felt right for me, especially once the weather warmed.

Fortunately, this summer, on May 18th 2024, from 1-5 pm, UNIQLO UK will host an in-store event to help customers find their colour. Launched to celebrate the new Linen Collection, the event will grant guests access to UNIQLO's colour analysis specialists from the House of Colour.

Guests will not only get to quiz UNIQLO'S experts about every shade under the sun—and more importantly, which hue goes with which—you can also get a personalised consultation. Think of this like having your own stylist for the day, but without the fee. Not only is the actual event free, you'll also get an in-store discount and a first-look at the entire new Linen Collection. A word to the wise; you’ll need the advice from the colour analysis specialists, as the new Premium Linen Shirt comes in a dizzying array of colourways for both men and women (50, to be precise).

At House of Colour, we share Uniqlo's commitment to sustainability and the transformative power of clothing.

House of Colour


  • Date: Saturday 18th May 2024
  • Location: UNIQLO Regent Street Store
  • Time: 1pm-5pm

UNIQLO Summer Linen Collection

(Image credit: UNIQLO)

Designed by nature and refined by UNIQLO, the new collection champions wearable styles with a naturally breathable feel, sleek finish and streamlined design that takes the effort out of dressing.

Drawing on UNIQLO's Japanese origins, the Linen Collection honours the label's design principles of simplicity, quality, and longevity, so you know you'll be reaching for these wardrobe staples season after season, year after year.

Armed with my own colour analysis, these are the hero items I'll be investing in (and wearing on rotation) this summer.

Discover the collection

Together, we're unlocking a new dimension of fashion—one that not only reflects your personal style but also aligns with the planet's well-being.

House of Colour

UNIQLO Summer Linen Collection

(Image credit: UNIQLO)


Shop womenswear Linen Collection


UNIQLO Summer Linen Collection

(Image credit: UNIQLO)

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