Too Busy For TV? How To Blag Your Way Through TV’s 5 Most-Watched

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  • Never seen Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or Mad Men? Read our Bluffer’s guide to the in-gang’s most-watched and never feel out of the TV Loop again.

    A surprising amount of us fib about actually watching the TV shows that everyone’s talking about. A new survey by Sky Atlantic has revealed that one in five Britons have lied about watching a show in order to ‘fit in’. But if you’re gonna blag your way through the Game of Thrones work chat, you better make damn sure you know your Tyrion from your Theon. Step forward MC’s bluffer’s guide to TV’s must watches. We’ve even come up with some phrases you can chuck in that will make it seem like you’re a seasoned viewer. You’re welcome!  

    Game of Thrones

    The Scoop

    Based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones sees noble families fight to control the mythical land of Westeros. Loads of gory violence, raunchy sex scenes and unexpected deaths

    Bluff it

    “I’m still getting over the Red Wedding”
    Do your best to look genuinely upset, and hopefully you’ll get away with not having to say anything else.

    “I’ve never hated a character as much as Joffrey”
    No one can disagree with you here, because there really is no one quite like Joffrey.

    Breaking Bad

    The Scoop

    Chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with cancer, and to come up with the funds for his treatment, he breaks bad (see?) and teams up with a drug-dealing ex-student Jesse to cook-up some crystal meth.

    Bluff it

    “It’s definitely the best show since The Wire”
    Bonus points if you haven’t seen either show.

    “Science, bitch!”
    It’s the best catchphrase ever. Alternatively, you can just end every sentence with “bitch”, a-la-Jesse Pinkman.

    “You know, the whole thing wouldn’t have happened if they had the NHS”
    No extortionate medical bills would mean no meth-cooking Heisenberg

    House of Cards

    The Scoop

    US congressman Frank Underwood masterfully manipulates everyone in Washington D.C. in his pursuit for power and revenge, supported by his equally (if not more) cunning wife, Claire.

    Bluff it

    “ takes power dressing to a whole new level”
    Claire Underwood’s wardrobe is pretty darned perfect. Stick to fashion, it’ll distract from the plotlines

    Mad Men

    The Scoop

    Set in a prestigious1960s ad agency, Mad Men focuses on the mysterious, talented (and really handsome) executive, Don Draper. Although, some would argue Peggy, Roger and Don’s first wife Betty Draper are the true stars.

    Bluff it

    “Watching Mad Men makes me crave scotch and some Lucky Strikes”
    No one does anything in Mad Men without a cig and a glass of whiskey!

    “Remember the bit with the lawnmower in the office?”
    Someone lost a foot. It was gross!

    Orange is the New Black

    The Scoop

    Decidedly middle-class Piper Chapman is sentenced to 15-months in a women’s prison on a ten-year-old charge of transporting money for her drug-dealing ex-girlfriend.

    Bluff it

    “I love how much of a bad-ass Piper is now”
    By the end of the first season, Piper is no longer the harmless girl she was when she first got locked up.

    “Remember that bit when Crazy Eyes pees on Piper’s floor?”
    They don’t call her Crazy Eyes for nothing.

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