The 7 Reasons You Need To See Paper Towns

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  • Paper Towns

    We know, we know, while this probably isn’t a film, which is targeted towards our age range, we’ve seen it and we’d definitely recommend it. While you may end up sitting next to a gaggle of squealing teenagers, we’d challenge you not to join in with their giddy excitement. 

    Here are the seven reasons why you should go watch Paper Towns this weekend: 
    1. Cara Delevingne is in it 
    Lets get the big and obvious one out the way: supermodel, girl about town, best friend to all the stars and the poster girl for the saying ‘eyebrows on fleek,’ Cara Delevingne is in Paper Towns and surprise, surprise, she’s actually pretty good. Playing the enigmatic, Margo Roth Spiegelman American accent and all, Cara dominates her time on screen much like she did the catwalk. Colour us impressed. 
    2. It’s not your typical teen movie 
    Yes, there is romance; yes there’s teen drama and yes, there is a roadtrip, but no, this isn’t your typical teen movie. You won’t come out feeling like you’ve watched the same thing but slightly different a million times before because this has got an element of mystery in it and you’ll even learn a thing or two. Paper towns, real thing, who knew?!

    3. You won’t cry…too much… 
    Emotionally scarred from that time you thought you’d see what all the fuss was about and sat down to watch The Fault in Our Stars? Then, don’t fear, John Green (who wrote both the books which inspired the films) hasn’t gone all out this time. While we can’t guarantee that you won’t have a sniffle, you certainly won’t come out of this one wanting to call your mum. 

    4. Ansel Elgort makes an fleeting appearance 
    Blink and you’ll miss it but Ansel Elgort (who played Augustus Waters in The Fault In Our Stars) makes an appearance as a tattooed cashier.  
    5. Rachel McAdams has a doppelganger 

    Rachel McAdams better watch out, she’s got a doppelganger on the loose. Halston Sage who plays hot girl with a heart, Lacey Pemberton bears a striking resemblance to the Notebook actress, beauty spot and all. 
    6. You may or may not fall in love with Ben 
    While he’s definitely not meant to be the heart throb of the film, Ben Starling (played by Austin Abrams, pictured right below) certainly stole this Marie Claire staffers heart with his witty one liners, cute demeanour and drinking ability. Well done, good sir. 

    7. It’s got an amazing soundtrack 
    Much like any other teen movie these days, Paper Towns has a soundtrack that’ll have you racking up a hefty bill on iTunes later on in the evening.
    Special previews of Paper Towns will be playing on August 1st while general release is August 17th.

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