What Jennifer Aniston thinks would be different if Friends was being made now

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  • She's probably right

    Jennifer Aniston has revealed what she thinks would be different if Friends was being made now.

    Speaking to Arianna Huffington in a podcast for her organisation Thrive Global, Aniston touched on her time in the hit sitcom Friends by making a slightly depressing observation. After a ten-year run, the final episode of Friends (‘The Last One’) aired in 2004, with an ending that nearly went very differently. But as Aniston points out, Friends also finished before the arrival of one very big technological crutch: the smartphone.

    If Friends was being made today, the actress who played the brilliant Rachel Green (scandalously voted last year as the just the fifth most popular character in the show, a role that was originally turned down by Courtney Cox) thinks it would make those famous scenes on the orange Central Perk sofa a little different.

    ‘We were jokingly saying that if Friends was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into iPhones,’ she says, ‘There would be no actual episodes or conversations.’

    Though she tries to meditate when she wakes up, Aniston says she’s guilty of looking at her phone first thing in the morning, and if she tries to meditate after a morning scroll it’s always less effective. ‘And even if you do [meditate after looking at your phone] it’s half-assed. You’re kind of there, kind of not, and I’m not getting the benefits of what I could be getting that I usually do.’

    She also told Huffington she believes this new era of dependency on our smartphones should probably be addressed before it’s too late. ‘This is a really interesting time to be asking questions and trying to figure out where do we go before we get too far down the wormhole that we just can’t get ourselves out of.’

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