So it turns out Friends almost had a totally different ending

This changes everything

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This changes everything

If you're a big Friends fan, you'll probably know how Janice mastered her iconic laugh and why there will never be a Friends reunion (sob).

But it turns out that almost had a completely different ending.

Ross and Rachel's on-off romance played out on screen throughout the ten seasons, with fans rooting for the pair - even after the whole 'we were on a break!' situation. Whether you're team Ross or team Rachel, there's one thing we can all agree on: they're meant to be. He's her lobster, remember?

In the final episodes, Rachel packs her bags as she prepares to leave New York for Paris with baby Emma - without baby daddy Ross. In the end, she doesn't board the plane and goes back to find him to confess that she loves him.

However, things could have panned out very differently for the pair according to an unearthed script.

In it, Ross decides to move to France to be with Rachel according to Jackson Upperco's blog That's Entertainment. He discovered the script titled The One Where Jetlag Wins which later became The One Where Estelle Dies.

The alternative episode sees Ross and Rachel in Paris, with Ross telling his partner: 'We're practically Parisians. We're not Ross and Rachel, we're "Ross et Rachel".'

After attempting to sleep through the night to beat jet lag, they find themselves hungry at 1am and their only option is to break into the hotel kitchen to get some snacks.

While eating, Rachel reveals she couldn't move to Paris alone and Ross says: 'I'll take a sabbatical for a year. They just gave me tenure. I can do whatever I want.'

However, the university denied him leave for a year, but Rachel would have returned for Ross anyway.

So there you have it - the alternative Friends ending.

Which one do you prefer?

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