8 Reasons Why We Thank The Heavens For Amy Schumer

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  • We knew when Amy Schumer pranked Kim and Kanye on the red carpet she was a force to be reckoned with - and the LOLs will only continue this summer with her brilliant debut film, Trainwreck. Sassy, sexy and definitely not sorry; let's hear what she's got to say for herself...

    ‘I was falling in love when I wrote Trainwreck. I tried to be very honest because you think love is wonderful but actually it’s really scary. It makes you feel nauseous, it’s physically uncomfortable and it’s like a drug you can’t get off.’

    ‘I don’t remember any women talking about sex when I was growing up, so I’m happy to be that voice. I write about anything I feel is unjust or funny. Only a third of my stand-up material is about sex but people remember it because I’m female.’

    ‘I think it’s weird that the industry wants everybody to look exactly the same. I don’t wear jewellery or heels and I don’t feel any pressure to lose weight because it really doesn’t matter. I’m just not interested in being that girl. My value is in my creativity and I also feel very beautiful, sexy and strong.’

    ‘People are in denial that women sleep around. There are so many funny, smart women in the public eye now who aren’t apologising for their behaviour, but there’s still a stigma. That’s why it was important to me to write this movie, because ‘Amy’ isn’t a girl you can just label as a slut and be done with her, she’s a human being. Hopefully it will make people less likely to judge.’

    ‘I don’t have nearly as much sex as ‘Amy’ in the movie unfortunately. I don’t actually get wasted all the time either, but 70% of that character is me, either now or at some point in my life. I really connect to her.’

    ‘Bridesmaids made Trainwreck feel possible. I was really inspired when I saw it. I went with a good friend of mine, who is also a female comic, and it felt like a big deal for us.’

    ‘I like my comedy to be as truthful as possible. I keep it realistic. Life isn’t always these beautiful romantic moments, usually there’s something kind of awful going on too.’

    ‘I’m not an actress who gets roles because of her fuckability, but I do observe double standards. I noticed Sally Field played Tom Hanks’ love interest in Punchline then two years later she’s his mum in Forrest Gump. It’s preposterous!’

    Trainwreck is in cinemas 14 August. 

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