10 TV Shows We Wish Would Make A Comeback

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  • Just how great would it be if these gems were back on our screens? Very, that's how... We're totally going to scope them out on Netflix later.

    1. Saved By The Bell

    Two words: Zack Morris. And, for the record, we still want to be Kelly Kapowski…

    2. The OC
    Were you a Seth or a Ryan girl? We loved them both. Not forgetting Sandy’s lustrous eyebrows.
    3. My So-Called Life
    This show is the reason we still have a soft spot for Jared Leto. Even after seeing him in drag in Dallas Buyer’s Club
    4. Sweet Valley High
    5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    To be totally honesty, we’re still a little bit heartbroken that Buffy and Angel couldn’t make it work…
    6. Sister Sister
    Sister Sister – never knew how much we missed ya (to paraphrase the frankly brilliant theme song). Another set of twins that had us stitches. 

    7. Beverly Hills 90210
    Sure, they did sort of bring this back with 90210, but it’s not really the same is it? 
    8. Sabrina The Teenage Witch
    Sabrina lived out all our lazy-girl and fashion-crazed fantasies. We would still die to roll out of bed, point our finger and suddenly look perfect in a brand new outfit. And Salem was a legend – obvs. 
    9. The Hills
    It hasn’t even been that long since Lauren and co last graced our screens with their envy-inducing LA lives, but we are still pining for the show that taught us that you can iron an outfit with your hair straighteners. On a separate note, we wouldn’t mind seeing Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County again either…  
    10. Veronica Mars
    The good news is that super-sleuth Veronica is back this year with her very own movie. Can’t. Wait. 

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