The funniest reactions to Mark Wahlberg’s ridiculously superhuman daily routine

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  • Um. WTF Marky Mark?

    By Rebecca Fearn.

    Mark Wahlberg shared his daily schedule yesterday and it’s had every single person and publication screaming WTF (and if it didn’t then you’re just not normal).

    The actor shared a photo of his ‘typical daily schedule’ which begins at 2.30 AM and ends at 7.30 PM. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Let’s just take a second to assess the insanity of this ‘schedule‘. First of all, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND GETS UP AT 2.30 AM? Seriously, we’re 1000x more likely to roll on home at this time than get up. This is incomprehensible to any normal human being, surely.

    Second, why don’t we all scan down to 3.15 AM, when Mark decides to eat his breakfast. At 3.15 AM. Uhuh.

    We’re also a little confused about how his 8 AM snack takes up an hour and a half of his day (as does his first shower), especially when compared with the amount of hours he actually seems to do his work: 4 (with a lunch break in-between, obvs).

    It’s safe to say Mark Wahlberg is essentially superhuman – and the internet seems to agree:

    C’mon Mark, live a little.

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