Here's how your iPhone has been keeping tabs on you

And it's pretty scary

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And it's pretty scary

Technology is scarily advanced these days and with apps following and documenting our every move, it's hard to keep our private lives private.

We all take some form of precaution to stop our technology from having too much power, whether it's covering up our webcam cameras or using code names when talking about people in case Siri or other voice assistants pick up on the name and call them - we've all heard the horror stories!

But it turns out there's another sneaky tool that we need to watch out for and we didn't even know it existed.

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In this day and age, we are constantly attached to our phones, but it turns out taking our phones with us everywhere could actually be putting us in danger - and it's all down to a creepy feature that's following our every move.

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Introducing 'Frequent Locations', the hidden phone tool that is actually storing every place we go, with specific details from the address to how many times you have visited that location, even logging arrival and departure times. Yes, really.

Apple has stated that the feature is simply to improve their maps app and make it more efficient for each individual user, stressing that none of the data will ever leave our phones.

Computing expert Professor Noel Sharkey disagreed however, telling Metro, 'If you put that information in someone else’s hands, then it becomes powerful, and in some cases, dangerous’.

‘Every place you go, where you shop, where you have a drink – it is all recorded’, he explained. ‘This is a divorce lawyer’s dream.'

If you don’t like the idea of having every location you’re visiting logged, you don't have to go combing through tech Black Friday deals for a brand new phone – it’s totally possible to disable the function.

Simply go into the ‘Settings’ section on your phone and select the ‘Privacy’ button. Then choose ‘Location Services’ and scroll down to ‘Frequent Locations’ and swipe left to deactivate it.

Job done - now you can run around as much as you like without feeling like you're living in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

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