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Here’s how to find out who has unfollowed you on social media

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  • From Instagram to Twitter, work out who has hidden your profile from their feeds…

    In the modern world, virtual likes and Instagram follows mean a great deal, and losing them is the ultimate insult – a real slap in the face, especially if it’s a friend who has done the unfollowing.

    Unfortunately, it’s a complicated process to find out who has virtually ‘defriended’ you, with some people checking if their friends are still following them one by one, often going to the great lengths of scrolling through their friends’ ‘following’ sections to find their name. It takes forever – especially considering it’s currently all the rage to follow accounts in their thousands.

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    The good news is that there’s a much easier way, with numerous apps emerging to check who has unfollowed you on social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

    How can I find out who has unfollowed me on Instagram?

    There are lots of apps that offer this service, from StatusBrew  to Who Deleted Me. The free apps will track the progress of your entire account, telling you everything from who has unfollowed you recently to the accounts that you’re following but who don’t follow you back.

    How can I find out who has unfollowed me on Twitter?

    To find out who has deleted you from Twitter, download Manage Filter, a free app built for that very reason. Connect from there to your Twitter account and it will do the rest for you, processing data on your followers and providing you with a list of the people who have unfollowed you.

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