How much holiday time Brits actually waste editing photos for Instagram

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    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    Picture the scene – you’re out of the office and on a gorgeous sandy beach, the sea is a shimmering turquoise blanket and the warm orange sun is blotting the sky as it begins to set.

    You breathe it all in – and then spend the next thirty minutes trying to capture it in all its glorious beauty on your phone.

    The process of getting the perfect picture might even include getting your OH or best friend to take ‘candid’ shots of you relaxing on the sand, leaning on a nearby palm tree or – if you’re feeling really in need of those Instagram likes – holding Dancer Pose while the sun sets softly behind you.

    Sound like you? According to a new survey, us Brits are so concerned with our social media holiday pictures that for every day we’re on a trip, we’re spending 79 minutes editing our photos to make them Instaworthy.

    Yes, that’s 1 hour 19 minutes a day while on holiday creating the perfectly cropped, filtered and captioned images for our followers.

    The survey, conducted by The Lonely Planet, also found that people take 10 selfies for every 7 scenic shots, proving that we’re more concerned with featuring ourselves in the pics as opposed to simply appreciating a stunning landscape.

    Keith Hanson, UK general manager of Bonusprint, said: ‘As a society, our love of taking photographs has never been stronger, particularly when we go on holiday.

    ‘But so many of us are clearly either over-editing our pictures or do not know how to get the best out of our camera phones to capture those really special images that are worthy of printing.’

    So the moral of the story is: get out there and enjoy your holiday, instead of sitting in your hotel room debating whether you’ll look more tanned in X-Pro II or Valencia.

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