Bollywood’s Sonam Kapoor on fighting against the Middle East’s victim blaming culture

This star means business

(Image credit: The Modist)

This star means business

With a combined Twitter and Instagram following of over 22 million, it’s safe to say Sonam Kapoor has a seriously powerful platform that goes beyond her big screen Bollywood roles.

Don’t think of this star as just a face to a cause, however. Sonam is determined to be an outspoken advocate for the causes she believes in. Whether that’s fighting the gender pay gap, speaking out against victim blaming or campaigning to end child hunger, this thirty-two year old isn’t holding back…

On self-awareness...“As actors we’re inclined towards narcissism and you tend to be very self-involved because that’s the nature of the job. Your body is your tool. Your emotions are your tool. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings instead of being so self-absorbed.”

On modesty... “I feel that you can express yourself without being on show. Being modest about the way you dress, being modest about your work, being modest about who you are... It grounds you. The more you shout, it shows your insecurity. It’s important to have a sense of self and a quiet confidence.”

On representation... “The world is getting smaller and there’s no defined colour anymore,” she says. “Different faces and colours and body types are being embraced and are aspirational for young girls to see. It’s giving people a chance to speak up and speak out.”

On #MeToo and feminism... “On our side of the world - whether it’s India or the Middle East there is a lot of victim blaming and victim shaming. It’s important to come out and say, ‘It is ok if this happens to you. It is not your fault. You are not the monster. The person doing it… He or she is the monster. It’s important for people who have a certain platform to come out and say it. And I have that platform.I understood what it meant to be a feminist at 13 years old.”

On the gender pay-gap in Bollywood... “I come from a very privileged background and if I don’t get the pay I deserve I can [refuse and therefore] set an example. I hope that sets the right tone for other girls in the industry around me.”

Sonam Kapoor spoke to The Modist