The World, According To Russell Brand

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  • Nobody could argue that Russell Brand is a man of few words. He has aired his views on pretty much everything – from voting and vegetarianism to threesomes and his marriage to Katy Perry.

    He’s now penned a book, his third, named simply Revolution, out 23 October, which sees him dissect society’s many problems in his own words – with no offence spared. To celebrate, Marie Claire unpicks life, according to Russell Brand…

    On Britney Spears: ‘If there was a female Christ, it’s Britney.’ – at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

    On happiness: ‘For me happiness occurs arbitrarily: a moment of eye contact on a bus, where all at once you fall in love; or a frozen second in a park where it’s enough that there are trees in the world.’

    On marriage: ‘Let me tell you a thing about marriage. Marriage is a bond that can last up to 14 months. This is a sacred 14-month arrangement…[marriage] begins on an elephant. Ends in a newspaper.’

    On political parties: ‘I don’t get my authority from this pre-existing paradigm which is quite narrow and only serves a few people. I look elsewhere for alternatives that might be of service to humanity.Total revolution of consciousness and our entire social, political and economic system is what interests me, but that’s not what’s on the ballot. I will never vote and I don’t think you should either.’

    On threesomes: ‘I like threesomes with two women, not because I’m a cynical sexual predator. Oh no! But because I’m a romantic. I’m looking for The One. And I’ll find her more quickly if I audition two at a time.’

    On vegetarianism: ‘Even as a junkie I stayed true [to vegetarianism]. “I shall have heroin, but I shan’t have a hamburger.” What a sexy little paradox.’

    On life: ‘Be led by your talent, not by your self-loathing; those other things you just have to manage.’

    On relaxing: ‘I’m into yoga, I meditate all the time, I’m vegetarian.’

    On individualism: ‘It’s difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is anartificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you. No one really feels self-confident deep down because it’s an artificial idea. Really, people aren’t that worried about what you’re doing or what you’re saying, so you can drift around the world relatively anonymously: you must not feel persecuted and examined. Liberate yourself from that idea that people are watching you.’

    Revolution by Russell Brand (Random House), out 23 October 2014, £20.

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