5 things we love about Girl Effect

The NGO using the power of media and tech to unlock the power of girls #thegirleffect

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If, like us, you were in awe of Girl Effect CEO Jess Posner Odede after reading our Women who Win interview with her. You'll be thrilled to learn a little bit more about the inspiring CEO and the innovative work Girl Effect is doing to empower and educate girls globally.

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Reaching millions and millions of girls Girl Effect utilise media programs across Africa and Asia, like their TV dramas in Ethiopia, that over 20 million girls tune into. With an AI-powered chatbot affectionately referred to as Big Sis speaking with and educating 10.8 million girls and women globally.

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The objective of Girl Effect is to put girls in control. As, when they do, everyone wins. Through empowering one girl to find the power to make different choices and change her life she starts a ripple effect within her community. Impacting her family, friends, community and her country.

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1, They set the facts straight

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If girls aren't empowered with the right information and support, then harmful myths and fake stories can deeply affect the choices they make.

2, They flip the switch on gender roles

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Told a dream career is a 'man's job'? The Girl Effect is helping women globally to achieve their dreams through empowerment and self-belief.

3, They are creating toolkits to empower knowledge and choice

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Noticing a lack of communication and accurate information around vaccinations. Girl Effect has launched tailored toolkits to provide girls with the tools and knowledge to make an informed choice. From HPV vaccine communications to their work with Vaccine Alliance to protect the health of current and upcoming

4, They're using content and media to provide sex education

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Through Girl Effect's TV and radio programmes, magazines and digital content. They are providing trusted and private channels for girls to access the information they need. Answering millions of direct questions from girls about sex, their bodies and relationships in real-time with their Big Sis AI chatbot.

5, They're lifting everyone up

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Through their partnership with Vodafone Foundation and Vodacom Girl Effect's digital-first brand, Tujibetz connects girls to pre-recorded content for free. Thanks to Vodacom removing the cost barriers to open up and facilitate access to information on everything from saving money to starting a business and negotiating with your parents. Since its launch in July 2019, they've received over 1.6 million calls from girls seeking inspiration.

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