Serena Williams' dad chose not to walk her down the aisle

Maybe she has some advice for her good friend, Meghan...

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Maybe she has some advice for her good friend, Meghan...

The world has been in a royal wedding frenzy this week, especially after Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, who was originally set to give her away, recently pulled out due to health issues.

‘Sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding,’ Meghan wrote in the statement released to Kensington Palace’s social media platforms. ‘I have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health.’

Her statement continued: ‘I would like to thank everyone who has offered generous messages of support. Please know how much Harry and I look forward to sharing our special day with you on Saturday.’

Following the news, Meghan’s fans and friends have been rallying around her, sending the 36-year-old their support. Tennis champion and close pal of the future princess Serena Williams was no exception

In a recent HBO documentary, Being Serena, the tennis star opened up about her own wedding day, explaining how her father also pulled out of walking her down the aisle, with Serena receiving a text just an hour before the New Orleans ceremony.

‘He was in New Orleans, he had a suit, and I know he was really excited,’ Serena explained. ‘But then he wrote me and said, “Serena, I don't want you to be mad at me, but I just can't walk you down the aisle. I'm not myself anymore. I'm just too nervous.”’

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Recalling the moment, Serena like Meghan wasn’t angry at her father, instead being understanding about his situation.

‘Daddy, it’s okay, if you don’t want to come to the wedding at all, that’s okay too,’ Serena recalled replying. ‘I’m not going to be upset with you about it, so I don’t want you to be upset about it.’

Looking back on it, she explained, ‘If he doesn't want to be up there in front of a lot of people, I completely understand. Look, when we first came on the scene, there were a lot of people who didn't get him. I don't think a lot of them wanted to get him. I don't think a lot of them could have anyway. Our family knows what we have.’

She continued: ’We just want each other to be happy. That's what matters. I don't think anything could ever change that.’

Serena ended up walking herself down the aisle so maybe Meghan will take a leaf out of her book.

We’ll have to wait until Saturday to see.

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