This A-list actor once tried (and failed) to fist bump the Queen

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  • And the less said about it, the better!!

    When it comes to greeting the Queen, there are rules and regulations in place, with the traditional form being to either curtsy or bow from the neck when meeting the monarch.

    Donald Trump made news earlier this year when he chose to overlook tradition and greet Queen Elizabeth II with a handshakehis signature handshake.


    While a handshake isn’t protocol, it’s not actually breaking any rules, with the Queen smiling along and shaking the President’s hand.

    She didn’t smile along as much however when one A-list actor went in for a fist bump.

    Yes, this is not a drill. Someone tried to greet Queen Elizabeth II with a fist bump and of course it did not go to plan.

    The fist-bumper? Riz Ahmed.

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    Emmy award winner Riz Ahmed. Credit: Rex

    That’s right. While appearing on the Late Late Show with James Corden, Ahmed was asked about his meeting the Queen, something he sheepishly went on to explain.

    ‘I did meet the Queen and it was a bizarre situation,’ Ahmed told the audience. ‘Because when you meet them, it’s gigantic and there are all these swords and paintings – it’s very intimidating. And there are all these dudes stood around her with scrolls – they’re called “masters of the scrolls” and they announce you.’

    He then went on to explain how when he was called forward, the Queen held out the back of her hand rather than her palm, and presuming that she was going in for a fist bump, he also went in for one.

    ‘All the people around her were like “he’s going to punch the Queen!”’, Riz recalled, before explaining how he ‘last minute pivoted’ and ended up stroking the Queen’s hand instead.

    Poor Riz! The less said about that the better!

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