Priyanka Chopra just made an emotional statement on enduring racist bullying

‘I was treated differently because I’m brown'

priyanka chopra
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‘I was treated differently because I’m brown'

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most talked-about women in the world, and from her and Nick Jonas’ star-studded series of weddings to her friendship with Meghan Markle, she is always making headline news.

This week, the Indian actress became a talking point when she got very real about bullying, opening up about being the victim of racial abuse during her time at US high school.

‘I was treated differently because I’m brown,’ Priyanka announced in a recent interview with the Associated Press. ‘I had, you know, really racist behaviour when I was in high school in 10th grade.’

priyanka chopra

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Going on to explain, Priyanka recalled: ‘I was called “Brownie,” “Curry,” [and told to] “go back on the elephant you came on,” and that really affected me when I was a kid and affected my self-esteem.’

But according to the actress, things can change, with Priyanka voicing her hopes that by sharing her own experiences, we can change the dialogue.

‘The more we can talk about it and open other people’s eyes and say, “It doesn’t have to be that way,” and give them more examples, I guess society will change,’ she explained.

Like we needed another reason to love Priyanka Chopra!

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