Meghan Markle herself just got a hilarious reference in Suits

Wait, WHAT?

Wait, WHAT?

Meghan Markle has taken to her role as a royal so well that it’s hard to remember a time when she wasn’t Duchess of Sussex.

That’s right. Before the speeches, royal tours and ribbon cuttings, Meghan was of course a Hollywood actress, featuring in a number of high profile films.

Her most famous role however was in the show Suits, where she starred as Rachel Zane, for seven seasons, leaving the US TV series last year as she became a royal.

Fans of the show comforted themselves with the fact that the royal star may one day return – even for a cameo, but after Meghan admitted that she hasn’t been watching the show since her departure, it seemed unlikely.

Viewers got excited last month therefore, when it was revealed that Meghan’s character would be returning for the ninth season’s finale.

Yes, Meghan’s TV husband, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), is returning for the final episode, and while the actor explained to Entertainment Tonight that Meghan won’t physically be there, he explained how they found a way to include her character Rachel.

In last night's episode, Mike returned, and there was of course a nod to Rachel, but viewers were quick to point out that the nod was actually more likely to Meghan Markle.

When asked how Rachel (Meghan Markle) was doing, he answered, 'If I told you how good, you probably wouldn’t believe me.'

The official Suits twitter account posted the clip to social media, captioning it: 'Turns out Rachel is doing REALLY well' - a nod to Meghan's new royal life.

Well, this is lovely.

Jenny Proudfoot
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