Donald Trump just apologised to Brett Kavanaugh for the sexual misconduct allegations

And all is wrong in the world.

And all is wrong in the world.

The Trump-Kavanaugh scandal has dominated US politics, with the President’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct.

Despite the women’s testimonies and the movement against his removal, Kavanaugh was confirmed this week as Supreme Court Justice - a slap in the face to the brave women who came forward.

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Trump spoke out at the time in response to Kavanaugh’s original accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, questioning her historic case for the fact that she didn’t file a police report for years on the alleged attack, and then going on to mock her testimony.

Yes, that is the President of the United States.

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Now to rub salt in the wounds, Donald Trump has publicly apologised to Brett Kavanaugh ‘on behalf of the nation’ and announced that despite a ‘campaign of personal destruction’ that he is blaming his democrat opponents for, Kavanaugh had been ‘proven innocent’.

Unsurprisingly Twitter had a lot to say about the matter, mainly the quote 'proven innocent', something many have pointed out to be factually untrue.

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'During Kavanaugh’s swearing-in, Donald Trump just claimed that he was “proven innocent.” This is a lie. There was no trial. Brett Kavanaugh was not proven innocent,' posted Ryan Knight.

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'Dr. Christine Ford still can't return to her home. Brett Kavanaugh gets to be on the Supreme Court,' posted another Twitter user Kaivan Shroff. 'But sure his life is the one that's been ruined.'

This is such a dangerous message to send.

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