These Body Positive Illustrations Will Make You Look At Yourself In A New Light

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  • Ever feel like nobody quite gets 'you'? Like you're not represented on TV, or in films, and like you feel a bit out of sorts with your appearance? Carol Rossetti's body positive cartoons will change that

    Whether you woke up this morning feeling totally confident and on top of the world, or had one of those days where nothing seems to look right – where you could spend hours touching your reflection despondently in the mirror (if only you didn’t have to get to work) – one thing is certain: sometimes it’s really, really hard to feel good about yourself.

    One of the main issues with this is how we see ourselves represented on TV, in films, and in advertising. Because it really doesn’t matter if you’re tall and slim, or small and curvy, or small and slim, or tall and curvy – at some point in your life, we’re willing to bet that you were made to feel like your body type was all wrong.

    Which is one reason why artist Carol Rossetti has released a new series of feminist, body positive illustrations, telling the stories of women from around the world – and showing why diversity and acceptance is so, so important.

    ‘It’s something that has been on my mind for a long time because of my own experience as a woman,’ Carol told Refinery29. ‘I like to say that the characters are fictional, but the stories are real. Most of my characters are inspired by many people — some of them I know personally and some I don’t.’

    ‘I’m no different. There were times in my life that it really bothered me and got me down. But, I learned to be a lot kinder to myself in the past years and I feel happier now.’

    And, in a bid to be as inclusive as possible, Carol does her body positive illustrations in Spanish, English and Arabic (plus a fair few other languages too).

    Scroll down to see more! (Or click here to see Carol Rossetti’s full gallery of work – or check out her facebook page too.)

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