Boys’ Names: Celebrity Baby Names You’ll Want To Steal For Your Son

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  • Need some baby boys' names inspiration? Let these celebrities provide some great ideas...

    Picking a name for your baby boy might be the toughest decision you’re ever likely to make…and there’s no going back once you’ve chosen one! With that in mind, navigating through endless lists of thousands of boys’ names may seem like an impossible task.

    For one thing, some boys’ names may bring back traumatic memories of that one naughty schoolboy, Edward, who chased you around the playground when you were six, pulling your pigtails and reducing you to tears. For another, a more adventurous name like Grayson or Tate may seem like unchartered territory and give you doubts about their own playground experience – and potential teasing – with such an unusual name.

    Which is where our celebrities step in. Fame has given them the freedom – and confidence – to name their boy whatever they like. What’s more, where Jessica Biel and Miranda Kerr boldly venture, many more expectant fans are sure to follow.

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