13 Celebrity Good Deeds That Will Make Your Heart Jump For Joy

A run-down of the best celebrity good deeds committed by celebrities in recent years, from David Beckham to Beyonce - these are the kindest celebs around.

David Beckham London Ambulance Service
David Beckham London Ambulance Service

A run-down of the best celebrity good deeds committed by celebrities in recent years, from David Beckham to Beyonce - these are the kindest celebs around.

Celebrities can get a bad rep - what with all the money, fame, free stuff and legions of adoring fans who will do anything for them. Some people (obviously not us) can get a little jealous. But most A-listers devote at least some portion of their time to helping others because a) it's nice and b) PR, obvs. Heck a few of them are now known more for their giving and good deeds than they are for their showbiz careers, such is their level of dedication to a worthwhile cause - and we love them for it. In fact, it kind of calls into question how much do-gooding we've managed in our own lives.

So whether it's going to inspire you, or restore your faith in the showbiz world, here's a low-down of the best celebrity good deeds over the years which have melted our hearts.

1. David Beckham When a paramedic was waiting in the cold for an ambulance to pick-up an eldery man, David Beckham was (very luckily) on-hand to keep up the morale. The former England captain spotted Catherine Maynard of the London Ambulance Service waiting by the road in Endsleigh Street on Feb 2nd with a member of the public, and greeted the pair with a cheery hello, before returning 5 mintues later with a hot cup of tea for them both. Catherine, said: 'we were both very amused and flattered. I couldn't believe it when he came back with some hot drinks'. And in case anyone suspected her story was too good to be true (you might, come on) she managed to nab a photo with Becks too. Can the man be any more spectacular?

Source: London Ambulance Service

2. Ed Sheeran The award-winning singer recently revealed that he helped out one of his old school friends by paying off her mortgage. Amy Wadge, a childhood pal was a struggling songwriter and recently asked Ed if she could contribute to his album in order to help pay off her monthly repayments on her home. Ed agreed and the two ended up penning the no.1 hit Thinking Out Loud which has gone platinum in the UK. Ed recently said: 'Now she never has to worry about money again.' We could definitely all use a friend like Ed...

3. Kim Kardashian 

The selfie queen and socialite flew fans over to her in California to celebrate her 35th birthday-brunch in October 2015. She tweeted: 'I flew out every fan I follow on social media to celebrate my birthday...I am so grateful for all the fan accounts!' Her nearest and dearest followers were treated to a posh lunch at the Four Seasons hotel in California and got to mingle with Kim herself. Kim said she will repeat the tradition each year. We're thinking that we should make a fan page now.

4. Johnny Depp

The actor fast cemented his reputation as a generous tipper after almost matching a $4,500 bill in gratuity. Whilst filming Public Enemies in Chicago, Jonny got chatting to the waiter at Gibson's Steakhouse whilst knocking back the food and wine then apparently left a $4000 tip when he was done. As if we need another reason to profess our love for Mr. Depp.

5. Beyonce Celebrity good deeds ain't nothin to Beyonce who treats her fans very well. In 2013, the legend that is Queen B went Christmas shopping in a Walmart store in Massachusetts - as you do when you're a multi-millionairess who needs to pick up a few bits and pieces. But Beyonce wasn't there to just knock some stuff off her own Christmas list, she delighted crowds of shoppers by purchasing $37,500 worth of Walmart gift cards, which were distributed to the 750 people inside, complete with a signed Christmas card too. Now if that's not the definition of Christmas spirit we don't know what is.

6. Katy Perry As celebrity good deeds go, Katy Perry's is a little more unusual. The world's highest earning female celebrity does her fair share of traditionally altrustic things (charity donations etc) but recently she's been touched by a worthy cause from the RnB world. 90s girl group TLC were trying to raise $150,000 to record their fifth studio album and Katy coughed up a whopping $5000 for the girls' kickstarter campaign in 2015. Something tells us she's a die-hard fan?

7. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield There's a pretty cool trend amoung the more socially conscious celebrities where, once they realise they're being papped, they decide to divert attention to another cause by holding up a sign with the name of a cool organisation or charity. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are two of the stars who have recently covered their face with a piece of cardboard directing people to charities. A very nice idea for when you're camera shy.

8. Kylie Jenner The teen socialite has almost 40 million Instagram followers and is best known on the social media platform for her flawless selfies and enviable lifestyle hanging around with the rest of Hollywood's hottest. But if you'd been keeping track of her posts around September 2015, you would have seen that she launched an anti-bullying campaign with the hashtag 'I am more than' which encouraged people to share experiences detailing how they had overcome bullying. She shared the stories of six inspirational people and in the process raised awareness for a number of worthwhile causes.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal The actor loves to help people avoid parking fines. He's been spotted numerous times topping up parking meters in Beverly Hills with his own change so other drivers stay in the clear. Jake -a hero among men- we salute you.

10. Taylor Swift The squeaky clean pop princess can do no wrong at the moment and is today as known for her good deeds as she is for her millennial anthems. From surprising fans at their hen parties to paying off their college tuition, Taylor knows how to use her wealth to help others and she has fun doing it. Just last week Taylor surprised a six year old girl (also called Taylor) who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Wilms' tumor, a rare kidney cancer affecting children. And what with Taylor Swift's own mum having just been given the all clear for her own cancer, it's obvious this was a cause close to her heart.


11. Justin Bieber He may not have the best rep in Hollywood but Justin Bieber makes a lot of dreams come true for his fans with his celebrity good deeds. The 21-year-old singer has granted a record breaking 200+ wishes through the Make A Wish Foundation for sick children and last year won an award from the charity for his work. His date? 10-year-old Grace Kesablak who was battling cancer and wanted to 'be a celebrity for the night'. Justin - we defintely know you have a big heart.

12. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt These two are well known for their humanitarian work and Angelina has raised awareness of poverty and women's rights in her role as ambassador for the UN. The couple also like to tip, and tip big. In 2013 the pair were dining out with their family for Angelina's birthday in Berlin and left a $700 tip after ordering over $1000 worth of food. This makes us want to go back into waitressing. Kind of.

13. George Clooney The heartthrob has just launched a campaign to feed the homeless at Christmas, donating the first £5 to the cause and encouraging others to do the same in a short video filmed on a staff member's mobile phone. The appeal, run by Social Bite, a non-profit, Edinburgh-based sandwich shop, aims to feed thousands of homeless people in Scotland on Christmas Day - and throughout 2016.

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