7 Perfect Body Secrets Supermodel Miss Rayder Swears By

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  • Want a supermodel's body? We asked the beautiful Missy Rayder for her top health and beauty secrets.

    I don’t go to the gym. I don’t have a desk job so I’m really active everyday. I have a young son and it’s so physical being with him. I’m on the move all the time. And when I’m working I’m constantly running around airports – stress also burns up calories but that’s not a good thing. I walk everywhere when I’m in New York – I don’t get taxis. Some days I walk for five miles.

    I carry my son to tone me up. My arms get really toned from lifting my son. He weighs 35 pounds and I carrying him all the time.

    I buy organic products. I go to this great place in New York regularly – it’s called Protima Spa. It’s amazing – all their products are completely organic, there are no chemicals in anything. I don’t always buy organic things but I do try because there are so many chemicals in products so I try to be as natural as possible. You just do what you can.

    I’m not into surgery stuff. I would never do that. I feel like dieting is something you think about when you are younger. I mean I guess older people do too but when you are younger you can get into an obsessive dieting pattern. Now that I am older I don’t think it’s healthy.

    When I go to the gym I gain weight. I believe in eating well and just keeping active. When I went to the gym I actually gained more weight. You have to know your body because I am more muscular I just got bigger. You can’t just go to the gym with no plan. You have to know what works for your body and not just follow fads.

    Don’t obsess about a part of your body. I could easily look at my body and be like ‘ugh this isn’t right or that isn’t right’ but I really try not to go there because it’s really bad for you.

    I have to de-puff when I fly. I drink cups and cups of green tea – all the time.

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