Why you need to stop double-dipping immediately

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  • Unless you want to catch a whole host of diseases that is…

    So you’re at a party and someone brings out the crisps and dips (well, they are a classic after all).

    If you, like a lot of people, went in for the initial dip, took a bite and then went in for another dunk then you need to STOP. Seriously. Like right now.

    Research has shown that double-dipping leaves a residual saliva in dips which can have some grim consequences.

    Sound like typical germophobe scaremongering? It’s not. There are some pretty nasty diseases you can catch from other people’s saliva, including Glandular fever, herpes, and even TB.

    If you think about it, it makes sense to be cautious. After all, we go to a lot of effort to wash our hands after going to the loo, wiping down surfaces in the kitchen with anti-bacterial spray and regularly washing our towels and linens to stop germs multiplying.

    So why wouldn’t we take the same stance with our food too?

    Not all dips are created equal either, with some being significantly worse in the bacteria-spreading stakes.

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    For example, salsa is more likely to accumulate bacteria than melted chocolate or cheese because of its consistency. Being thinner means that more of it is likely to fall the crisp or cracker back into the pot, bringing a bucket-load of bacteria with it.

    So if you are ill, step away from the dip or you’re going to be spreading it to everyone else at the party.

    Can’t resist a double dip though? According to the Independent, ‘scientific advice says if you must double-dip you should at least turn your crisp or cracker around.’ Just make sure the people you’re sharing with look healthy first… 

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