Squeezing your spots can kill you (apparently)

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  • Introducing the 'Danger Triangle'

    Trying to resist squeezing a spot is something only the highly trained amongst us can do. It takes resolve, and a sheer force of will that many of us mere mortals do not possess. In short, only those touched by the hand of God can leave a whitehead-at-its-peak alone. (For the rest of us mere mortals, follow these rules on how to pimple pop properly.)

    Don’t get us wrong, we’re under no illusion that squeezing spots is good for our skin, and there are plenty of other ways to get rid of spots – including trying one of the these genius spot treatments – aside from using your forefingers.

    And yes, we know that the seemingly innocuous, yet supremely addictive act of squeezing spots can cause irritation, infection and potential scarring – however we never knew the list of potential dangers actually include death.

    Introducing ‘The Danger Triangle’, the area of skin that covers part of your eyes, bridge of your nose and the corners of your mouth and upper lip (see below), and an area which dermatologists say you should most definitely avoid when squeezing spots.

    Karlie Kloss

    As reported by the Independent, this danger area is so called due to the blood vessels that inhabit the ‘triangle’. The blood vessels drain to the back of your head, giving them a direct line to your brain, meaning that any infection that could arise from a particularly vigorous, or unclean, pimple popping session may then work its way directly to the nerve centre, leading to, in rare and extreme cases… death.

    Refrain from squeezing and find a serum to stop the scoundrels from popping up in the first place – take the quiz to find the perfect one for you.

    OK. OK. So a massive emphasis on ‘could’ and ‘rare’, but the dermatologists have spoken, and whilst death by blackhead seems a pretty grim way to go, it may make us all think twice about squeezing our spots in the comfort of our own bathrooms. At least when squeezing the spots that inhabit the ‘danger triangle’.

    If you literally can’t cope with the idea of leaving those pesky buggers around the bridge of your nose, corners of your mouth and upper lip to their own devices, go and see a dermatologist who can squeeze them on a professional level.

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