What skincare should teens be using? These are 12 skincare buys that are both fun and suitable for teenagers

You'll find no strong actives here

Best skincare for teens
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Teenagers using active skincare has been a hot topic of conversation over the last few months; whether or not it's appropriate or necessary. Although I firmly believe that no teenager needs to be using any form of anti-ageing product or strong actives like retinoids or acids, it can be helpful to adopt a consistent skincare routine.

That's why I've put together a basic, effective (and at times fun!) skincare routine that is teen-appropriate to help protect and benefit the skin without taking it too far with unnecessary products.

To make it easy to follow, I've broken it down into AM and PM routines with each step outlined along with product recommendations. If you (or a teen you know) are struggling with specific skin concerns like acne or rosacea then it's always recommended to visit a skincare professional who can diagnose and advise on individual circumstances, but this is a good place to start if there are no real concerns.

Morning skincare routine for teens


Not everyone necessarily needs to wash their face with a cleanser in the morning, sometimes just a splash of water is enough. People who typically benefit from a cleanser are acne-prone skin types, those who sweat overnight (this is often most of us in the summer months) and if you are on the oilier side. Even then, a gentle cleanser is enough to rid any sebum from the night.


You don't always have to use a moisturiser if you find that your sunscreen is moisturising enough; it really depends on your skin type. If you've got oily skin avoid anything too heavy, a lightweight moisturiser or sunscreen alone is enough, but if you have drier skin, you'll might want a separate moisturiser that's slightly richer.


This is the most important morning step for your routine. Sunscreen helps prevent burning and exacerbating concerns like acne, rosacea and uneven skin tone. It's a great habit to get into every day.

Evening skincare routine for teens


It's really important to cleanse the day off so don't skip this step. If you're wearing lots of sunscreen, heavy make-up or find yourself sweating a lot during the day then it's a good idea to double cleanse. Double cleansing includes using an oil-based product on dry skin, massaging it in and then using a muslin cloth to remove make-up. Follow this with a creamy or gel cleanser to further cleanse and address any concerns.


This step is optional but can be great if you're trying to target a concern like acne or rosacea. It's best to seek professional advice when it comes to choosing the right serum to make sure you're not using too many actives when that isn't necessary as this can impact the skin barrier and actually cause more problems.


Seal in that moisture to keep the skin barrier happy. You can use your morning moisturiser at night too, so there's no need to get another if you find your AM one is working. However, some people prefer to get a cream that's slightly richer for the evening.

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