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    My skin has always been pretty much textbook true combination. An irritating mix of slightly dry and slightly oily that makes it tricky to get skincare right . A pairing that sadly has never been quite right for clay masks, until now. Say hello to Alya Skin.

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    A firm favourite of influencers Alya Skin‘s entirely vegan and cruelty free face mask is infused with Kaolin. One of the most hyped products on Instagram right now – all I seem to see is faces coated in this rich pink mask on my Explore page. With so many fans raving about it working wonders I had to give it a go.

    Usually I’m quite dubious when it comes to Insta-hype and products truly living up to their raved about reputations so I did a little homework and looked up the ingredients in Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask.

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    What’s in Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask?

    First up, the prominent and hero ingredient, Clay. Alya Skin‘s mask contains a rich mixture of  red and white kaolin clays which make its signature pink hue. Kaolin draws out impurities like dirt and pollution from pores whilst also absorbing excess oil from the skins surface. Which is why so many users have found it to be so beneficial for acne as the Pink Clay Mask soaks up excess sebum.

    Clay masks can be really drying but Alya Skin‘s rich combination of conditioning vitamin E, brightening vitamin C, calming aloe vera and strengthening antioxidants prevent this from happening.

    I also love that its Paraben-free, cruelty free and totally vegan. Three big ticks.

    How to use Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask?

    I’m a longterm advocate of multi-masking so recommend, depending upon your skin type and concerns, either applying the mask across your entire T-zone, your jawline, or your nose. Its simple to apply and blends out easily and applies smoothly to my areas of congestion and concern. I left mine on to do its thing for 10 minutes, with it starting to dry out and crack after three or four. Rinsing off with a warm muslin cloth.

    Usually this is when I’d feel my skin and think I’d make a huge mistake drying it out with another clay mask. However, after using my skin feels hydrated and nourished. Smooth and clearer.

    I’d compare it to that lovely moment just after you take off a particularly great serum-rich sheet mask. Usually my skin looks dull and matte but it’s glowy after using this Pink Clay Mask.

    How often should I use Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask?

    The brand recommend using the mask three times a week. However, I would say if your skin is particularly dry start out using it once or twice a week.

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