It’s my job to scroll through hundreds of beauty products every day, and this one face serum has really piqued my interest

...and that's saying a lot

close up of woman's face with glowing skin brushing the 111SKIN repair serum onto her cheekbone
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As a shopping editor, I hear about a lot of new beauty products every day—I'm talking in the hundreds—so it takes a truly incredible product to pique my interest when it comes to skincare. But when I heard about 111SKIN’s new reformulation of their iconic super serum I could tell from the offset that it was worth my attention. 

Here at Marie Claire UK, we’ve dedicated our time to finding the best beauty products to help every skin concern you may have—from the best eye creams to target fine lines to our favourite SPF moisturisers to protect against sun damage. Understandably, when there’s a single product that tackles multiple skincare needs, we tend to get a little excited. So without further ado: meet 111SKIN's new Repair Serum NAC Y2™.

woman with glowing skin holding the 111skin repair serum

(Image credit: 111SKIN)

The Repair Serum NAC Y2™ is the new and improved version of 111SKIN’s best-selling serum, which was originally created to help speed up healing post surgery. As the name suggests, the formula is designed to help repair stressed skin, but it also aims to fade discoloration and protect against sun damage and environmental aggressors. 

The original serum has amassed a huge following, becoming one of the brand’s best selling products - and the new formulation is now 4x more effective than the original, having been clinically proven to reinforce the skin barrier for up to 48 hrs and restore healthy skin in only 2 weeks. From visibly reduced acne scarring to improving the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines in a matter of weeks, the customer results on the brand's website speak for themselves.

So how does the Repair Serum NAC Y2™ work?

Essentially, 111SKIN’s unique NAC Y²™ complex works by the promoting the production of glutathione, which is essentially the body’s natural tissue building and repair process. It also helps to support healthy collagen production and improve skin elasticity for a plumper, healthier-looking appearance. The new formula delivers actives even deeper into the skin to help repair it from within.

The formula instantly increases hydration levels by 165% (making it perfect for if your skin gets particularly dry in the colder months), plus only a small amount is needed at a time, so although it’s a bit of an investment the bottle will last you absolutely ages. Keep scrolling to shop the serum for yourself.

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Valeza Bakolli
Junior Shopping Editor

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