How To Get The Perfect Night's Sleep, In One Simple Step

It's easier than you think...

It's easier than you think...

We've tried turning off our screens before bedtime, changing our mattresses and even sleeping less - but it turns out the key to getting a perfect night's sleep may be rather more simple than we thought.

A survey of 1,000 people by George Home showed that 10.37pm is the best time to go to bed in order to get a 'perfect' night's sleep.

That's not 10.38 or 10.36, by the way - 10.37, on the dot. No pressure.

Apparently, this exact time means people will get the most out of their sleep - and according to the study, you should also be investing in two goose feather pillows, a pair of cotton pyjamas and a 13.5 tog duvet.

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This is all sounding rather grand to us - maybe if we did invest in all the above, instead of falling asleep on the sofa to re-runs of Homeland, we would actually end up getting the perfect night's sleep.

According to the survey, 55% of people have trouble sleeping due to 'cold and discomfort' during the winter months, and 23% sleep in their dressing gown to stay warm.

Where are your cotton pyjamas, guys?

According to George, their most searched items have changed drastically with the onset of the winter weather, with 'bikini' dropping out of the top ten in place of 'onesie', 'dressing gown' and 'slippers'.

Just the thought of this dreamy 13.5 tog duvet and goose feather pillows is making us sleepy.

Our thought process is that it's hard enought to fall asleep before midnight as it is. If you manage it at 10.30 or 10.40, you should be applauded - and if you drop off just as the clock hits 10.37, you probably deserve some kind of medal.

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