I thought my wavy hair had given up on me until I tried these curl-enhancing products

Hello, summer waves!

Valeza's wavy hair after using the only curls starter bundle
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My wavy hair journey has been somewhat of a bumpy one over the years. I used to wear my hair wavy all the time, preferring to air dry my hair as a lazy-girl fix to looking like I’d made some sort of effort. Over the years, though, increased heat styling and bleaching has caused my once-silky hair to become somewhat frazzled and flyaway-prone, so simply air drying wasn’t enough to bring my waves out. Add to this the fact that I have naturally fine hair, which falls flat without some kind of heat styling, and I’d decided to give up on trying to coax a curl out of my hair. That was, until I tried the Only Curls Starter Bundle.

This brand was literally created on the basis of encouraging people to embrace their natural waves and curls, so its products have been specially formulated to do just that. This genius set is no exception – it includes all you need to enhance and define waves and curls – so of course I tried it out for myself to see if it would bring my limp waves back to life. Shop it for yourself and find out how I got on below…

 My review of the Only Curls Starter Bundle  

These products are best used together to get the full result, but they can also be used (and bought) separately, so they each deserve an individual review. Here’s a step-by-step of how I used each product to create the best waves of my life…

valeza's wavy hair after using the only curls starter bundle

(Image credit: Future)

My natural waves even lasted until the next day—an unheard-of result for my fine hair, which usually falls flat overnight. Overall, I really enjoyed using this Only Curls bundle. It left me with bouncy, hydrated and enhanced waves of the kind I hadn’t seen in years. I’m sure that by continuing to style my hair in this way (and heat styling less as a result), I will see my hair become healthier and my curls even more defined over time.

Valeza Bakolli
Junior Shopping Editor

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