Brown to ban plastic bags

Gordon Brown pledges to rid Britain of plastic bags

GORDON BROWN HAS pledged to help rid Britain of plastic bags. The PM is backing a campaign to urge supermarkets and shops into ending their use of disposable bags.

However, that’s one just step in a radical, far-reaching programme, which could involve Britain increasing its commitment to reduce carbon emissions from 60 to 80%. Brown also told eco-campaigners at a WWF conference in London he wants the UK to supply 40% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Environmental groups praised Brown’s speech, but there was scepticism in some corners.

‘The Prime Minister needs to take the serious action needed to achieve it and ensure that a commitment to tackling climate change is at the heart of all government departments,’ Simon Retallack, head of climate change for the IPPR think- tank, told the Independent.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace warns: ‘There will need to be a house-clearing in some Whitehall departments, where too many officials have blocked progress on renewables and energy efficiency for too long.’

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