Saudi Arabian women council members visit Parliament

The Shura Council delegation included two women for the first time ever

Two female members of Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council visited Parliament yesterday following an official request from the UK.

This was a landmark moment, as it was the first time such a delegation included women.

Nihad Al-Jishi and Thuraya al-Arrayed joined seven male members to discuss ways of promoting parliamentary elections in both Saudia Arabia and Britain.

They also discussed issues around women, health and education as well as teaching British MPs about the role of the Shura Council.

al-Arrayed said: ‘There are many files about women and the nation in general – our role in the Shura Council is to be part of the debate about every issue raised in the Council. We have been distributed on three women committees, and our work will be within the files that will be discussed where women’s voices should be heard.’

Women were appointed to the Shura Council for the first time ever last month, triggering much debate in the conservative country.


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