Indonesian Women-only Trains Are Scrapped

Trains were launched less than a year ago to combat sexual harassment

Indonesia’s female-only trains will be scrapped only around seven months after they were introduced.

The seven trains were launched by state rail company PT Kereta Api Indonesia to provide a safe space for women worried about sexual harassment in mixed-gender trains which linked the capital Jakarta to the suburbs.

However, even outside rush hour mixed trains are packed while female-only ones are largely empty, leaving the company with no choice but to increase space by converting the women-only carriages into mixed spaces.

Company spokesperson Eva Chairunnisa said PT Kereta Api Indonesia are planning to also add 180 more cars to their service this year, and would consider re-introducing women-only trains if capacity allowed for them.

A lack of space on Indonesia’s train has caused a spate of commuter injuries, with many riding on train rooftops and being exposed to dangers such as electrocution or falling.

Even deterrences, such as hanging concrete balls above train tracks, have not prevented this.


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