Keira Knightley makes moves to Paris

Where’s Keira Knightley moved for love?

British actress Keira Knightley has moved to Paris to be closer to her boyfriend Rupert Friend.

Keira decided to join Rupert in the French Capital – where he is filming Cheri, a romantic drama in which he co-stars alongside Michelle Pfeiffer – after missing him so much.

‘Keira was missing Rupert,’ says a friend of the actress. ‘She decided to give herself a break because last year was so busy.

There has been joking on set that she wants to keep an eye on him because he has some love scenes with Michelle but Rupert and Keira are very happy.’

The couple – who have been dating since 2004 – did reportedly hit a rocky patch recently over Rupert’s hectic work schedule.

But a source told the Daily Mail: ‘They seem to be getting on a lot better. Keira’s cooking for him and looking after him.’

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