You Wait All Week To Unveil Your New Look At Paris Fashion Week Then Jared Leto Goes And Does This…

Jared Leto just out-Kimmed Kim Kardashian.

Jared Leto’s new hair just totally stole the thunder of Kim Kardashian’s new hair. That’s right, Kim just got out-Kimmed.

Kim’s carefully calculated strategy for the big unveil began in LA, where she boarded her flight to Paris wearing a very unKim-like knitted beanie, and finished moments before the Balmain AW15 show at Paris Fashion Week. It all seemed fool-proof. That was, until Jared Leto rocked up…

Showing off his weirdly similar chopped, platinum locks on the front row, Jared’s new look even had Kim’s mum, Kris Jenner, taking selfies with the actor. Traitor.

We hear that Jared’s new hair, and the resulting demise of his man bun, is all for a new film role. Tell that to Kim and her glam squad, Leto.

(P.S. we still love you, Jared. Mainly because of this…)

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