Tate Modern

The restaurant at Tate Modern, featuring great food and spectacular views

Where? Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG (020 7887 8888, www.tate.org.uk/)

A typical museum restaurant? The Tate Modern restaurant may manage to combine art and food, but neither suffer for the sake of the other. It is an amazing venue, at the top of the museum, offering spectacular views over the Thames, making it a must for anyone visiting London.

So it looks good, but what about the food? With a menu that incorporates carefully sourced seasonal ingredients, the choice continually changes, offering a delicious selection of meals for lunch and dinner. I enjoyed a delicious pasta lunch there, though the fish and chips is apparently the must-have dish.

Is it open to all? You don’t have to be visiting the museum to stop off for a bite to eat. Alternatively, visit the bar for a cocktail at the bar, and soak in one of the best views in London.

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