Stem cell hope for breast reconstruction

New technique for breast cancer sufferers tested

There is new hope for women who have suffered from breast cancer, as British surgeons trial a new reconstuctive technique.

Stem-cell-enriched fat from women’s bodies is used to plug the dip that may be left in the breast after surgery for early-stage cancer.

According to a report in the Observer, more than 31,000 women a year in Britain have operations for breast cancer,  in which the lump and a chunk of healthy tissue around it is removed. The result is a cavity that can become more pronounced following radiotherapy, and cause distress and pain to the sufferer.

The new technique seems to restore softness and suppleness to the tissue, and to reduce pain. It could also reduce the need for more surgery, where the healthy breast is reduced to match the other, or a total mastectomy and full breast reconstuction.


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