You need to know about this new phone scam

Do NOT engage in conversation with someone who says this...

‘Can you hear me?’

If you hear these words from a number you don’t recognise or someone who says they’re from a business, hang up immediately. And do NOT say ‘yes.’

A new phone scam has taken America by storm and its expected to cross the Atlantic any day now.

Basically, what they do, is they ask you this question to get you to say ‘yes,’ which yes, is a very natural reaction. But, what they then do is use your ‘yes’ as a binding contract agreement to buy into their goods or services when they play it back.

This might sound preposterous but it’s actually happening and most people feel too embarrassed to actually admit it’s happened to them. If it does, don’t be – contact the police immediately.

Now, tell everyone you know and answer unknown numbers with caution. And remember to hack-proof your life as best you can.

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