Mike Tindall once accidentally flashed Princess Anne, his mother-in-law

The Princess Royal had an absolutely brutal response

princess anne mike tindall
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This season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! has been a wild ride, from the announcement that Matt Hancock would be a contestant through to rugby pro Mike Tindall’s hilarious stories about being part of the Royal Family. 

Tindall, who is married to Princess Anne’s daughter Zara, shared a story yesterday which will have you squirming in embarrassment as he once accidentally flashed a pair of his NSFW pants at his royal mother-in-law.

In a recent episode of the reality series, Tindall recounted how his wife Zara had thrown a disco-themed 30th birthday party. Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, also attended and the pair hit the dance floor together - but an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction led to disaster.

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“I had flares on, like a full outfit, but it was quite tight. Nothing ever fits a rugby player’s bums and legs. I did a slut drop in front of my mother-in-law,” he continued, which isn’t even the worst part of the story.

“Ripped my trousers straight in front of her and it happened to be that my boxers that I had on at the time said, ‘Nibble my nuts,’” he recounted, to the hilarity of his co-stars.

As for how Princess Anne reacted? With cold savagery, as Tindall said, “As I’ve turned around, [Princess Anne says] ‘I’d rather not.’”

princess anne mike tindall

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Tindall quickly removed himself from the awkward encounter afterwards, presumably to bury himself seven feet under the ground. 

Mike and Zara Tindall have been married since 2011 and share three children, Mia Grace, Lena Elizabeth and Lucas Phillip. The pair first met while watching a rugby game in a Sydney pub back in 2003, before making their relationship official in 2004. 

Underwear aside, it seems that Mike has a good relationship with Zara’s royal parents. He told The Daily Mail back in 2008, “Zara’s mum is a legend and her father is lovely too. My mates in Wakefield are forever asking how I fit in among the royal family but they are really down to earth.”

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