Why are two thirds of women so bored with their lives?

Two thirds of women are 'completely bored' with their lives, according to new research. Marie Claire asks why...

It has been revealed that British women are more dissatisfied with their lives than ever before, according to a new study.

Two thirds of women are ‘completely bored‘ with their everyday routine, blaming a limited social life, pressures at work, lack of holidays and endless chores for their dissatisfaction.

The study conducted among 3,000 women found almost seven out of ten females are fed up with being skint, and most admit to being unhappy in their relationships. Four out of ten claim they are unhappy in their job.

‘Women are too busy trying to have it all – the job, the family, the social life – that somehow we’ve ended up with nothing,’ says Elaine Smith, marketing manager for Florette Fruit.

Surprisingly, nine out of ten women believe they would be less bored with their lives if they made the effort to be more spontaneous.

‘Women have lost the get-up-and-go to shake up their lives and try something different,’ continues Smith.

But, in today’s fast and highly pressured world, is it so easy to grab spontaneous moments and separate ourselves from the drudgery of everyday life? Or does the problem lie in not appreciating what we have and making the most of the lives we lead?

Are you bored with your everyday life? What do you think is causing this frustration? Do you feel trapped by your routine, or do you believe that life is what you make it and it’s up to the individual to see the good in their lives?

Perhaps you are angry that women have been singled out for this particular study, or do you agree that females have more to cope compared to men?

Whatever your opinion, however extreme, Marie Claire wants to hear from you by posting a comment below.


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