Sarkozy calls for more honours for women

Sarkozy calls for more women to be honoured in New Year's list

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has rejected his country’s New Year’s honours list, claiming that it features too many men, politicians and state employees.

For the revised list, Sarkozy has called on Ministers to honour more women and to reflect ‘French diversity,’ newspaper Le Monde has stated. The paper added that Sarkozy was unhappy with the mix of people on the list, indicating that there were too many white people, and not enough candidates from business and charities.

The honours list awards eminent French and foreign citizens with the Légion d’Honneur, and the Ordre Nationale du Mérite given for ‘distinguished achievement.’ It is complied by French Ministers, who are now hurriedly working on a revised edition to be announced by next week.

Following Sarkozy’s rejection of the initial selection the list for the Ordré du Merite is expected to feature an equal number of women to men, and while the figure may not be as high for the Légion d’Honneur, more women than ever before are due to receive the award.

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