Low libido, or just plain tired?

Is there such a thing as low libido amongst women, or is life just too tiring for sex? Have your say...

The legitimacy of reasons women give their husbands for not wanting to make love has long been debated, but could there be some scientific justification for these excuses?

According to scientists from Wayne State University in Detroit, the brains of females with low libido behave very differently from those with healthy sex drives and do not experience the same rush of blood to certain brain cells during moments of passion.

MRI scans show that women diagnosed with HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) are not sexually aroused in the same way as women with normal sexual desire, which could explain their lack of interest.

But there is significant debate surrounding the status of HSDD and whether it is in fact a medical condition, or simply the result of mundane factors like tiredness or losing interest in a partner.

The Daily Mail reports a staggering 75% of those over the age of 45 believe sex becomes less enjoyable after turning 40, while 33% over over-45s cut sex short because they are too tired.

So, perhaps there is some truth behind that diehard excuse that one is just too tired for sex. Is it really such an unrealistic concept?

Critics argue that pharmaceutical companies are guilty of trying to manufacture a disorder for the sake of profit.

Expert Dr Petra Boynton says: ‘Female sexuality is a haven for drug companies. They’re on a mission to medicalise it because of the amount of money they could potentially earn from it, as they have with Viagra.’

What do you think? Do you agree that as women get older, their sexual appetite naturally dips? Perhaps you think husbands are partly to blame for letting the romance fade?

Could there be some truth in the diagnosis of HSDD or do you think a decrease in sex drive is due to a combination of factors, leaving women just too tired for sex?

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