Introducing period-proof leggings, a game-changer for workouts

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    We’ve all been there. The constant, relentless fear of leakage and the nagging discomfort of pads and tampons are enough to make exercising whilst on your period feel like a hellish nightmare. Despite all of those PE teachers insisting that getting moving would make you feel better. The discomfort in the process was always too off-putting.

    We were with you on that, 100%.

    So, what if we told you that there was a way to feel protected, comfortable and even completely at ease whilst working out on your period?

    Enter, Modibodi. The sustainable Australian brand changing how we view periods, for the better.

    They’re already the UK’s number one brand for all-things period wear. With Modibodi’s bestselling leak-proof underwear for periods (and pelvic floors) designed to provide freedom to the wearer as well as a safer, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the historically eco-damaging feminine products available.

    So allow us to introduce their most recent and truly glorious innovation: period-proof leggings.


    Modibodi’s brand new 7/8 Recycled Active leggings take working out whilst on your period to a whole other level.

    Sustainably crafted from 78% recycled material from pre-consumer factory waste. The environmentally friendly style is fitted with Modibodi’s signature, breathable built-in 3mm Modifier Technology lining. Which is not only super absorbent but stain, odour and bacteria-resistant for effortless, leak-proof wear. ⁠⠀

    Supporting you throughout your workout, from warm-up to cool-down they beautifully merge style and functionality. Whilst they’ll keep you safe and supported during your period. The period-proof 7/8 Recycled Active leggings also work great for bladder leaks, discharge and sweat.

    Designed for moderate to heavy periods. The labels signature Modifier Technology lining is equal to two to three tampons worth of absorption. So, if a heavy flow is your worry – think again, Modibodi’s period-proof leggings have you covered.

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