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    Hello new year, hello same lockdown. If, like us, you’ve using the (past two and current) nationwide lockdowns to take time for you. Finally learning to knit, perfecting your banana bread recipe, finally getting through that pile of unread books or simply re-watching Schitt’s Creek for the 6th time.

    Discover Bellish, the free knitting pattern app

    With more and more people having an increased amount of time on their hands and an increase in anxiety, more and more people are turning to knitting. Experts have long considered the hobby to be an excellent stress reducer. As focusing your attention solely on a singular task in hand (whether that’s perfecting your  Kitchener Stitch or perfecting your Fair Isle technique) and having a tangible end product does wonders for your mindfulness.

    So, whether you’re an avid knitter or, looking for a new project to see you through till mid-February. You’ll be thrilled to hear that we’ve discovered a free app, Bellish, that’s keeping us creatively occupied. A world first in Craft Technology Bellish is a free knitting pattern generator, enabling anyone to create entirely unique patterns in minutes.

    With the government’s current Lockdown 3.0 plans in place until at least mid Feb, there’s plenty of time to get your first pattern project created and well underway.

    Is Bellish easy to use?

    Yes, the brands ‘pattern engine’ technology is easy to navigate and fuss-free. Designed with the most novice user in mind, the app is super accessible with no design skills necessary to create and generate your own patterns. With interactive digital instructions removing the usual 50+ hours it takes to create a single pattern.

    What is Bellish?

    Bellish is a free tool created to help make knitting (and designing your perfect pattern) as accessible as possible.

    The free app was created by founder Megan Elizabeth who believes knitting (and craft hobbies) should be accessible to everyone. With an initial focus on patterns for jumpers and sweaters Bellish have just released their most requested pattern – the cardigan.

    with Bellish, anyone can confidently make for themselves, or items to sell, with minimal investment.

    Whilst the app is currently only available for iOS. The brand have published over 1,000 free to download knitting patterns on their site

    How do I design a jumper using Bellish?

    There are five, easy to navigate, customisation categories within the app. With elements like, body length, neck and sleeves all within the ‘options’ category. The app guides users through each category as they make their selections on size and fit before deciding upon graphics and detailing.

    It’s easy to move back and fourth, altering and updating each of the five categories as you see your personalised design come to life.

    How do you knit a sweater?

    To knit a sweater you need a pattern. With Bellish you can design and create your own bespoke pattern to follow, so you can create your very own design. Since February more than 250,000 unique knitwear designs and patterns have been created by over 120,000 users.

    With the app offering pattern support through a user-friendly FAQ section and ticketing support system. If you get stuck, or confused at any point users can click the ‘need help?’ option within the menu section for FAQs. Or, submitting a ticket for electronic pattern support.

    Knitting and crafting your own pieces is not only a great activity to keep you (and your mind) occupied through this turbulent time. The benefits of crafting go much deeper than the projects themselves. A sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

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